@CipherMonkey Puzzles

Every Sunday, new ciphers are posted on Twitter as puzzles for you to solve. They come in 4 difficulties: 🍌: easy, 🐒: medium, 🦍: hard, and ⛰️: extreme. Use the tools on this site for help solving the puzzles.

Difficulty: Easy

Type: Cryptogram

250. x'l tyf fgctxtv lk payped onpe fwxd issestq ospngds x uycvyf fy fgct fwsl uycincq andf fxls.

- @someecards

Difficulty: Medium

Type: Cryptogram

251. zby'd mbufrd ad'g zewsafcd gekayfg dapr. wbv gquayf mbuoeuz, dcry wbv mess jexl. ad'g salr ubjrud zboyrw tu. frddayf bvd bm jrz.

- David Letterman

Difficulty: Hard

Type: Cryptogram

252. rvkwo qrwvu krwul dicok vdbtr ugofd yrwuo rqszr ogrwm tdork wogsg kjhzr ttlso gskwt bogrw urysf dysvd ttbsd h

- Victor Borge